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How to get started on the TFL server.
The purpose of this FAQ is to get you quickly connected to TFL as soon as possible. Follow the steps below.

1) First off, you must have UO installed. If you have not already, install T2A, or UOR, or the original UO if that's what you have. The full install is recommended for optimal speed. 
TFL does NOT support piracy. We expect that those wishing to play on TFL to have purchased their own copy of UO to play with! We will not provide players with game files available from a proper install.

2) UOPATCH to the newest client (UOPATCH.EXE can be found in the folder where UO was installed), wait for it to finish WITH NO ERRORS. The patching can take a few minutes to several hours depending on the version you have and your internet connection.

3) Got to and in the right-hand menu, Click on: CLIENTS, download the supporting client version that is posted on our main page.

4) Place the CLIENT you download into a DIFFERENT folder then where UO's client.exe is. This insures you can still patch properly in the future and can also play on OSI if you hold an account there. The client can run from any folder so place it anywhere you can find it easily.

5) In your UO folder, edit the LOGIN.CFG to look like this:
;Loginservers for Ultima Online
;Do not edit this file or patching will fail! Always save a backup.

You can also download and use the login.cfg we provide at:
Be sure to preserve any other lines, or make a copy of the file, if you play on any other server then TFL.

6) Go to and send in a application. These will usually be processed within 48 hours and you will be notified through you supplied email address with your assigned password.

7) You can now run the client you downloaded right from the folder you saved it in, it does NOT have to be in the UO folder to work.

8) Select the TFL server from the server list and have fun =)
Becoming staff.
Here at TFL we take staffing very seriously. We have strict rules that each GM, Counselor must follow. It is for this reason that we feel that if you are to be a staff member you must develop some trust with us and the shard. So we request that you play as a player and contribute to the shard. We will be looking for great roleplayers and people that are planning on making TFL their home.

After we find someone, a staff member will suggest that person to the rest of the staff and it is then voted on by all staff if that person should be brought into the team. We do seriously watch many people and look for people that would be great staff members. 

Emails and ICQ's requesting a staff position are DELETED with no reply. Those wishing to become staff must show their aptitude and desires by in-game activities not by requests. So to be looked at as staff don't ask us, just do what you do best on the shard!!

About GM'S, Counselors, & Seers:
Questions pertaining to GM's, Counselors, & Seers:
Please state the question where we have some idea of the problem. IE: Come Here! This will not get a response, give us an idea what is wrong. Many pages can be answered or accomplished even if you are offline, but  we have to know what you paged for. Pages that do not state the reason are deleted with no response.

We are not tour guides. We do not transport players, unless you are stuck of course, and then you are only moved enough to allow movement again.

We do not sell skills, stats, or items. Please do not ask us this question.

We do not alter players or interfere with the outcome of what players do.. i.e.: PvP.

Please do not message us about joining the staff, we do watch players, making note on ones that are helpful and knowledgeable and add to the game.

We choose staff by observation.


Bank Questions:
Question: How do I get into my bank account?
Answer: The key word is "money" you may need to use the bankers name too to get their attention.

Question: On my information bar it shows I have more gold than what is in my back pack, why is that?
Answer: The gold amount shown there includes all gold you have including what is in the bank. You do not need to carry your gold with you to purchase from vendors, they will automatically take from your account in the bank.


Death and related Questions:
Question: I am dead and the healer will not res me?
Answer: Go into war mode and talk to the healer. It should work then.

Question: I just died and res'd.. I lost all my newbie items?
Answer: At TFL there are few "newbie items", one exception is your spellbook. even a purchased spellbook should be newbie'd. If you have trouble holding on to one, page a GM for help.

Question: I just got flagged a criminal, how long does the flag stay on? I want to return to town and the guards may kill me.
Answer: The criminal flag lasts for 3 minutes. If your karma drops below the neutral point from the act you did you will stay gray but will not be flagged after the 3 minutes.

Question: What is considered criminal?
Answer: Killing a blue (person with good karma and their pets), stealing, snooping.
Note: you may not get flagged snooping it is a random flag, you may get away with it, then again .. you just might get flagged.


Gate Questions:
Question: Where are the moongates and do they work?
Answer: They are located where they always where in UO. They are workable and follow the moonphases. To keep an eye on the moon phase purchase a spyglass.

Question: Why are some gates blue and others red?
Answer: The color of the magic gates let you know what type of zone you are entering. Blue indicating a guard protected zone. Red is unprotected


General Questions:
Question: I am gray, how do I get blue again?
Answer: Do good deeds, kill monsters! Don't do anything that is considered bad, including snooping.


Healing Skill Questions:
Question: I used scissors on a bolt of cloth and got one bandage?
Answer: There is a trick to get around this. Use a sewing kit on the bolt to make folded cloth then use the scissors, you will then get 50 bandages.

Question: Can you make bandages out of anything else?
Answer: Any cloth can be used including deathrobes and clothing.


House Questions:
Question: How do I buy a house? How much do they cost?
Answer: There are several options for being a home owner in TFL. We have both prebuilt and deeded houses.

Prebuilts are in the actual design of the UO game. They are not secure so they are priced and handled differently. Prebuilts are leased for 3 months time, payable in full at the beginning of the lease period.
Deeded Structures are already priced. Yes they are more expensive but they are secure and you have the ability to place them anywhere (within reason) Deeded housing cannot be purchased from an architect, you must page a GM to buy and place so the house can be tracked for ownership.

Refer to Atana's help section for pictures of the structures and their prices.

Question: How much do decorations for houses cost?
Answer: You get very limited decorations. To get any at all you will need to finish one of the many quests and get a GM Item deed.  The reason for this is Item LAG. Players tend to fill there homes with neat artifacts, which is great for personality but causes "blackholes" where players can get stuck in and stopped from logging back in.


Magic Questions:
Question: I keep losing spells out of my book
Answer: The class system restricts spell usage. If you have any spell not available to your class, it will be removed. 


Monster Questions:
Question: What's the deal.. a regular Orc casting magic?
Answer: Yes, that's right. Monsters here in TFL have different strength and capablities than from OSI. Example: All orc's can cast magic, lizardmen are tougher and wisps are much tougher!


Weapon Questions:

Question: Yesterday, my sword was hitting great, today not so good what is wrong?
Answer: Weapons have a basic random generated hit level and it changes from day to day, this is done by the server code. So, one day swords are the best to have, the next could be bows or maces.
A suggestion is to learn Arms Lore and check your weapon before you head out to adventure!


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