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  Well, hello People. Guess what .. TFL is still here just noone bothering with the news
  Anyway, there is new activity as work gets done on the new version and new lands. Hope to see you all there soon.
  Note that TFL currently has open account system. Simply try to log in with your desired account name and if it doesn't already exist, you will get in. This will change in the future as things get rolling again.

ps. be carefull on the site, lots of old outdated information here. If in doubt, ask on the forums.
  Those of you looking for clients, TFL currently supports clients 2.0.0 through 3.0.2 series. We do not offer clients for download but if you do a google search for UO CLIENTS you will will find what you are looking for.

old news deleted
Pictures from the 1st annual (?)TFL Players Picnic posted: 06-08-02

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