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Thank you for your interest in TFL.

With the problems we have had with unruly players we were FORCED to limit new accounts to people that had a friend who played on TFL and was willing to sponsor them. 

Due to an overwhelming amount of people without a friend on TFL wishing to join we have decided to alter this policy. If approved you will be on probation for 6 weeks instead of 3 like a sponsored player. At any time in this 6 weeks you are caught abusing a bug or breaking rules your account will be jailed for a minimum of 1 week and can be banned for life.  

(You should receive info on how to join when you get your password)

We are taking only 10 Non-Sponsored accounts a week. To better insure yourself an account keep that in mind while answering our questions. Make your request stand out above all the rest. Show us who you are and what your like. The account acceptance week runs from Monday to Sunday night. If you haven't heard from us by Wednesday night you'll have to try again as all the other requests will be deleted.

Note to AOL users: This form may bring up your email window & it may be empty. If this is the case, PLEASE put all pertinent information into the email before you send. This will speed up the process by avoiding the need to ask you to resubmit.

lease answer a few questions to proceed with the unsponsored process.

1st Choice of User Name

2nd Choice of User Name

Email Address (No Third party Emails. IE: Hotmail or Yahoo)

How Did you hear about TFL

What Other RP Games have you enjoyed

Did you Play on OSI? IF so What did you not like about it.

What do you feel you have to offer TFL

What do you Expect from TFL

Any Comments or Info you'd like to share about yourself:

PLEASE do not forget to read ALL the rules.

Thank you
TFL Staff

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