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Newbie Player
A newbie is a player whose ACCOUNT is new. When you first log in with any character, it will have [NWB] attached to the character's title. It will remain on your characters, and each new one you make, until you account is past the scripted max time. After that you will be given the choice between PvP or nonPvP designation. If you are an experienced player but new to TFL, you do have the option of haviong the [NWB] tag removed earlier then the scripted time.
PvP tags
Tags are placed on those wishing or willing to engage in PvP .. no tag .. no fight.

Let me state that we have
THREE different perspectives here:
1) NonPvP, Enjoys fighting monsters - does not like fighting other players. Wants to be able to concentrate on the game as it is designed around NPC's without worrying about other players actions (except in how they involve monster fighting). Put simply, they don't find PvP FUN and should not be forced into PvP by those who do.
2) PvP, structured killing done within the context of fair play for all involved. They enjoy the extra skill it takes to win against the more intelligent (usually) human player. Understands that at times PvP comes second to playing the GAME. i.e. does NOT zero in on the single merchant just to kill and take his stuff, instead may attempt to EXTORT said stuff for his use. 
3) PK, killing for the sake of killing, destroy the other guy regardless of age, experience, or riches. Finds great joy in destroying the game for others, not exclusively the weak but they are a prime target BECAUSE the PK has no concern for the rights of the other player. i.e relishes the act of trashing the other players FUN simply because they can. Has no real concept of fair play.
CD Is willing to take on the wannbe PK's .. the dishonorable ones.
I.E. The CD guild holds to the 'honor among thieves' concept. While they do the PvP thing, it is also their charge to make sure it doesn't evolve into Pk'ing - by ANYONE (I know, PvP is PK, but not by common definition - the PK is a total loser, hack, cheat, whatever makes a kill) It is up to the CD guildmaster to keep his guild in line. It is up to him to make sure the PvP'ers do not resort to Pk tactics and twist the rules to fit.

Note: while CD is the self-appointed guardians of fair gameply, this does NOT remove the obligation of every other guild and lone player to follow the proper concepts outlined here.
That said, we will work on implementing the PvP tag for those who wish it, following these guidelines:
1) The tag will always show
2) The tag is on the account, not a single character .. I.E. every char made on that account is PvP
3) Once PvP, there is only one chance for going back .. provisions for change:
a) you are nonPvP
b) you choose PvP
c) ACK, OMG .. I can't handle it
d) turn in 'One free change-back token'

a) you are PvP
b) You go for the 'mild' side of life
c) OMG, this is boring
d) turn in 'One free change-back token'
*note: timed token? that way, if they choose to try the other side again in say .. 2 months, they can?? Von and I will be looking into this (mostly Von - what a guy!!)
Comments and Answers

Some players will help out friends with healing or little things like that if they do, they should be risking going pvp 

Option 1:
We can work out triggers .. i.e .. aid a PvP and get flagged PvP for X amount of time (no less then a full week, maybe 2wks ). It would have to check to see if the PvP'er that is helped is fighting a monster or another player.

Option 2:
If a nonPvP'er helps PvP'er and the opposing PvP'er dies & loses his stuff, compensation should go to the killed player in payment for the unexpected help along with option 1. Something that burns him for doing it and gets the killed player back on track. Must be enough to make the player think twice about interfering in the future.
"We will have to watch CD to make sure they don't end up self-appointed Judge, Jury, and Executioner. You know what power does to people."

Not likely. By having the guild that is currently the mostly likely to PK police their own to prevent it, makes a nice irony, I think. *Grin* ... Also, we have the last word on a situation, always. The guild cannot resort to tactics which crossover to PK without having staff come down on them harder. We still have our blanket harassment rule -- They cannot consistently chase and target one player unless that player invites upon themselves. We can tell, always do.
"what is going to stop the PvP'ers and/or pks from attacking those that don't have tags??"


At first, nothing. It will be up to the PvP player to look for the tag. No tag, no inducement to fight (by the nonPvP), it's punishable by our rules .. timed block or full ban. We will use the player's report and a review of the logs to confirm the action. If a nonPvP player harasses a PvP until he kills him, the nonPvP player is at fault, not the PvP guy. Thus the nonPvP gets sentenced accordingly.

We have encountered this already in the newbie zone .. the guy making lewd sexual innuendo (and blatant remarks) until the players killed him, repeatedly. He thought the killer would get punished, not so, the harasser got permabanned. 

What happens during a quest?


As always, any PvP is suspended during a quest UNLESS the quest itself is designed to promote it. The GM running the quest is charged with watching the nonPvP who play and who may gain the tag as a result of the quest. This will become more important once the setting of the tag becomes automated. Each quest can be set to create a hidden quest item on the player that the TAG event checks for, if there it does not change the tag. The hidden item can be timed to delete itself over the course of a day or something.
What about loopholes found later?


This concept is new, better to implement with the holes and slowly plug them as they are found then to sit back and have nothing regulating it.
You are removing the PvP element of the game.


* Not a chance. I am removing the PvP from those WHO DON'T WANT TO. You enjoy PvP and want to be a miner .. fine. You set the PvP tag on for your account and enjoy your game, it does not make you open season to a PK. Sticking a PvP tag on you does not raise a flag saying "Here I am, come PK me" because PK'ing (by the above general definition) is and always will be unwelcome and a punishable offense on TFL.

* I am pro nonPvP, I don't like PvP .. never did. I always found the game to be full enough of satisfying rewards without the extra unknown element of the other player. That is my choice, and I should be allowed to make it. Why should I be forced to play the game YOUR way? You like PvP, that is your choice. I do not wish to keep you from playing your way, but your way should not interfere with mine. Otherwise, you took my choice away from me.

* You said, and I quote: "I just don't like the idea of peeps who can't attack others at all!!!" .. WHY? does it make you any less a player because 'that guy' is unavailable to you to fight? NO! Does it make him less a player because he doesn't want to fight you? NO! If he has no desire to fight another player it is his RIGHT not to. Why should he mold to your concepts??
What you are proposing is to divide the shard into two groups: those who want to kill each other and those who want to be 100% safe all the time?



* The division is really between: Those that don't mind PvP and those who don't want to. Just because you do not shirk from PvP does not mean you have to run around and kill people. Just because someone doesn't like PvP, doesn't make them 100% safe. There are plenty of ways to die in UO, at another players hands is only one.
Why does the whole account have to be tagged? Why not just the character.


Because, the choice is based on the players feelings regarding PvP.

* If you like to PvP and are not afraid of it, then wear your tag proudly - on ALL your characters. To chose one character for PvP and another for nonPvP is being hypocritical. If you don't mind PvP, then it shouldn't matter what kind of character you make. Why should your smith be 'safe'?? (side comment: as a miner who accepts PvP and it's consequences, why would you mine alone knowing that danger lurked around??)

* If you do not like PvP, then NONE of your characters should do it. The simple fact is, it is just as much hypocritical for a pronounced nonPvP advocate to have a PvP character as it is for a PvP advocate to have a nonPvP character. The only PROPER solution is basing the tag on the account, not the character.

I don't like the tag concept, I agree with the comment that was made about players being 'branded' . But, there must be some outward distinction of the two options. The tag is the easiest way.
What about Town Defense? If you live in a blue town and defend it from invasion you are now to be tagged PvP? or will this be handled in the manner of the quests where you will not receive the tag, or not keep it for long anyhow


If you partake in defending a town against a rival town (red vs blue) of course it's PvP, there is no other way to look at it. Easiest avoidance there would be: if you want to defend a town, then join the town stone. It will set colors on you like guild stones for the duration of the invasion, after which you may quit. The new code is supposed to prevent quitting a town or guild while in battle, we will certainly put that to the test. When our first town battles loom on the horizon, we will need guinea pigs, I mean, volunteers to test it's effectiveness.
So what was the amount times one can switch back and forth? If you are Non-PvP you can switch to PvP and not back? and if you are PvP you can switch to Non-PvP but not back again, or there is a timer? I am just not to clear on this.


It's not clear because it's not decided. This is a basic outline of an evolving concept. I don't think either change will be permanent, it'd be to constrictive, but we must set a time limit to avoid the 'frivolous' flip-flopping of the tag. That timer will be tested and adjusted after we actually implement it.
What's to keep a nonPvP from PK'ing



Everybody is obligated to NOT have PK'ing become a force on this shard. It is your shard to keep clean. By tagging, we can see who prefers PvP. A nonPvP'er should have no reason to attack except in the defense of a PvP friend, but they are restricted from doing so immediately. Thus avoiding the 'surprise' attack on a PvP person by a nonPvP player.

I must stress again, this is an OUTLINE, a CONCEPT brought out to give both views (PvP and nonPvP) to play the game in a manner of their choosing. The PK view is not consider because - IT DOESN'T BELONG HERE. The outline gives structure to what is expected and avoids the synonymous PvP==PK attitude that tends to be developed by nonPvP and PvP alike. It is this attitude that made the use of this outline necessary.

There is currently NO scripted checks to this process, it will all start out on the honor basis and all players are expected to adhere to it, or leave. We will script in checks slowly and as needed to keep thing as autonomous as possible.

Really, I would think the only people who have a problem with this are the PK's. By sticking to this outline, the PK will stand out from the rest and be terminated.
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