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The Forgotten Lands - A Guideline
Just because this is a guideline does not mean you can ignore it, these are to be followed - not necessarily by strict interpretation, but by the general meaning behind them.
Ocllo Territory and the Newbie Training areas accessible from there.
These areas are designated NO PvP, you are not allowed to attack, order your pet to attack, or use any other means to cause another player to come to harm. These areas are open to Reds and Blues alike, therefore are to be consider neutral ground for any type of PvP. In light of this snooping and stealing are strictly forbidden in Ocllo Territory because the victim will have no recourse for defense other then calling guards, which is not sufficient.
We do not allow the killing of newbie players.
NEWBIE KILLER .. one who seeks out newbies specifically for the ease of the kill and loot. Attacks newbies for the pure fact that they are not defensible.
However: New Players, it is up to you to learn which towns are friendly and which are not before embarking out on your own. Towns may shift alligience from Red to Blue, should you enter a red town of your own volition (i.e. not lured there or tricked through any other means) you are fair game for whatever treatment they deem appropriate.
Secure Houses

We all know for a fact that houses are purchased with the intent of being a secure place for you and your stuff. TFL does what it can to insure this belief.

* We have RULES governing house break-ins- I.E., you CANNOT unless you have access to the key via, loot or was given to you by the player.

* By the same token, you CANNOT attack a player who is inside his 'secure' home.

* NPC's attacking thru walls are not covered under this however, summoned ones are.

* Player formed towns. Should players decide to place homes together, the area immediately surrounding said structures (must be 4 or more. Tents do not count) is deemed neutral (nonPvP). Reds and Blues should work side-by-side to protect this area from any invasions (Monster invasions that is)

Cheap Tactics
Just because you find a way to easily kill, maim, loot .. etc .. does not mean it's acceptable to use.

1) killing/attacking players (and/or NPC's) inside of houses while you remain outside

2) killing/attacking players (and/or NPC's) across guard zones lines or using an exploit to the same effect

3) using your beefed up & experienced char to kill and loot a newbie players
These are examples of unacceptable player behaviors which can lead to account terminations.
Guard Zones
You SHOULD NOT be able to attack into a guard zone when you are outside, the reverse is also true. You should NOT be able to initiate an attack, be attacked .. run into a guard zone and call guards. These are examples of the server code not doing all the checks it should. They are EXPLOITS.

* Thus, TFL sets the rule for players to abide by to not use such tactics as if it is proper.
Bottom line .. Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD .. That type of justification just proves the immaturity of thought behind the action and the irresponsibility of the one doing it. We monitor these activities to balance PvP & RP for the good of the MAJORITY of players. Just because it's fun to you does not make it OK ... Ruining another's fun for your own gain is not what TFL is about.
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